IES has four cloud-based services called NEO Web Services, which consist of NEOmobile, NEOpoint, NEOexpress and QueryTool.
Subscribe to one of the service and get up to 50% off the original subscription fee for any additional services.


The Energy Traders Package (ETP) is designed to cover the requirements of small to large companies with an interest in the Australian energy markets. It handles a range of devices from mobile phones to desktops, works with your favourite tools like Excel, Python. Its backed by the in-depth knowledge of the industry's leading energy consultancy.

NEOmobile provides a detailed of the current state of the market and runs in most browsers and mobile devices. If you want access to the full history of the market then NEOpoint is recommended. It also runs in a browser and provides charts, tables, CSV download and data services. For the full power of a desktop application we recommend NEOexpress. It also allows you to create reports and favourites.

The ETP is great for companies that don't have a fully integrated NEM database but even those that do can benefit from the ETP as a backup system and source of reports.

Creative Ideas

We have over 20 years of industry experience and during that time we consulted widely with industry leading partners to develop best of breed analysis.

Dedicated Support

We provide in-depth support for our products and services. We specifically design all our services to be easy to extend and we welcome requests for new reports etc.


You can get started in minutes and work from almost anywhere. There are no usage charges and we have unlimited installs.

Up to date

We normally make at least one major release of our products per year while new reports can be developed tested and released in as little as a week.

Bundle pricing

Buy one service in the package and get any additional item for up to 50% off the original price.

Annual subscription

Simple up front yearly subscriptionwith no additional usage charges.

Friendly Support

We like hearing from our customers